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Welcome to Air Sports Live Tracking
Thank you for downloading the Air Sports Live Tracking APP and being part of the Air Sports Live Tracking Team. We hope you enjoy it.

With Air Sports Live Tracking you can:
1. Maximize the use of the Live Tracking app. Watch our tutorial for useful tips on installing and using the App. – Installation tutorial –
2. Register yourself for a competition and receive an automatically generated Flight Order. No preparation, just go flying! Find the event on the global map and click: “Manage Crew” to attend. Watch this Self-Register tutorial.
3. Become a Contest Administrator and create your own competitions. Get access to create contests for yourself and your club. This is provided by sending an application email to Team Air Sports administration at

For more info visit our News & FAQ: or see our tutorials on YouTube, and please subscribe.

Access to position: The app requires access to position even when the APP is in the background. This is especially important in a competition.
Huawei/OnePlus: We have experienced that some phones do not provide access to the battery when the app is in the background. Smartphone owners must therefore check, and go into the settings and manually give the APP access to the battery when the app is in the background mode. Please watch the installation tutorial for crucial settings and helpful tips!

Read more about Air Sports Live Tracking;

We wish you all the best and let us know if you have any questions. If you want, we can arrange a webinar for you and your friends, to show some of the most important features.