2023-04-10 Server update, we expect everything to work as normal, but let us know if something is wrong.

NB! For important events and official competitions we recommend upgrading the server capacity and operational security. This is just a small fee to cover extended server cost and is agreed in advance. Contact us for further information! Team Air Sports ‚Äď support (at)

App update 1.1

New release of Air Sports Live Tracking App 1.1. Improved buffering when there is no data coverage and preset to start in competition mode! No more forgetting to turn on competition mode before a competition 2022-03-25

new LIVE scoring INDICATOR

We are revolutionizing competiton flying for the spectators, by introducing a live score indicator arrow. Here you can follow the crew towards a time control. The arrow gives you an indication of how the participant is doing and you will immediately see the penalty points live in the results. This makes it easy to follow the excitement down to the LAST second !!
The danger zone thermometerūüĆ° warns if the aircraft is on its way out of the corridor or on its way to a danger area. If the crew continues outside, you immediately see the penalty points start to run and the points are updated live.
This makes Precision Flying, ANR or the new Air Sports Race even more exciting to follow on live TV or on
Team Air Sports Live Tracking


This is how you can use Air Sports Live Tracking together with MSFS2020 to prepare yourself for a competition, and to get local knowledge. Here we are in Saquarema – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, where the 11th FAI World Paramotor Championships will take place from April 20th to 30th, 2022.You can also use Air Sports Live Tracking to create local training tasks. You create the track at and all you need is your mobile phone as a tracker. Download the App “Air Sports Live Tracking” and you’re up and running.Air Sports Live Tracking is currently (Feb 2022) only supports Precision Flying and Air Navigation Race (ANR) competition forms for FAI GA competitions.

auto-remove background on PROFILE images

New competition tool! A contest manager can now use the auto-remove background, to remove the background from the contestants profile images. It will also automatically crop the photo to best fit. This gives the entire competition a better presentation and a better experience for the viewers –
Team Air Sports Live Tracking