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Air Sports Live Tracking is an online platform for competition flying. It is affordable, easily to use and accessible for all pilots. Simply use your cell phone as a tracker and go flying. No advanced equipment is needed. Let’s fly together!

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Support and Funding 2024!

Due to the higher demand and rising server costs, we are facing need for financial support to maintain server capacity for Air Sports Live Tracking. As a non-profit organization, we kindly ask any federation, clubs, pilots or companies who are able to contribute to help cover some of the cost. The countries that contribute will also be given priority. If a nation has not contributed, we may have to stop competitions if there is insufficient capacity.

Contribution for 2024 is 925 euros per country!

Country Donations 2024:
1. Norwegian Air Sports Federation € 925,-
2. Spain REAL FEDERACION AERONAUTICA € 1.000,- (commitment for 3 years, total € 3.000,-)
3. KSAK Swedish Air Sports Federation € 954,-.
4. …..

Country Donations 2023:
Sponsor: Spain REAL FEDERACION AERONAUTICA € 580 (Competition Year 2023)

Sponsor Norwegian Air Sports Federation € 3.851,-

Make a contribution:
Payment to: Air Sports Live Tracking
: St. Olavs gt. 1A, 3126 Tonsberg
IBAN: NO8415064113078
: DNB Bank ASA
Text: Donation from ……

Please write who the donor is and whether you would like to remain anonymous. All donations will be published on this page. If you make a donation in relation to a country, we will endeavor to priority server capacity to ensure smooth operations. Thank you!

Best regards, 
Team Air Sports Live Tracking  

Download the Air Sports Live Tracking app from  Google Play  or  Apple App Store.

Air Sports Live Tracking is based on voluntary work and is a non-profit organization. We depend on partners who support our work. If you want to become our s
ponsor and partners, please get in touch, we need your support. Thanks!


Air Sports Live Tracking is free to use! All of the competition tools are free to use, but to cover a small part of the server cost we charge a symbolic fee of approx. € 9,- per year for using the tracking function in the app. The service is not free to hoste, so we do hope you understand and appreciate your support. Thanks – Team Air Sports Live Tracking.


Air Sports Live Tracking is released as open source software. Check out our open source release announcement.


Download the Air Sports Live Tracking app from Google Play or Apple App Store.


Air Sports Live Tracking offers a wide range of competitions:
● Precision Flying
● Air Navigation Race ANR
● Air Sports Race
● Danger Zone Race
● Pilot Poker Run
● Landing Competition

Create your own routes in the route editor. We also provide crew registration and start time scheduling. The system comes with a pre-customized Flight Order with maps, photos and competition details. This makes Air Sports Live Tracking optimal for training. No GPS logger or expensivesystems are required. You only need your mobile phone and then you are ready to fly!

At airsports.no you will also find a results service with an overview from various competitions

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