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Welcome to Air Sports Live Tracking webinar. We offer free webinars where we will show you and your friends how to use Air Sports Live Tracking for competition, training and social events.

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Webinar: Air Sports Live Tracking introduction!
– About Air Sports Live Tracking
– Easy to participate and go flying.
– How to create a competition focus Precision Flying
Easy task setup; * Precision Flying * ANR * Poker Run * Danger Zone

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Air Sports Live Tracking is a free web-based competition tool, you can create routes like Air Navigation Race, Precision Flying or Poker Run. It can also include Danger Zones or/and Penalty Areas etc. Watch this intro video. Use your mobile phone as a tracker, just download the app Air Sport Live Tracking and log in with your email address. No logger or software necessary.  All participants can easily register to a competition through the app and go flying with an automatically generated flight order. This makes it Ideal for training and social events.

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