If you want to share a specific FAQ with a friend or participant, we recommend using the URL of this page + #[name]. For example, https://home.gcloud.airsports.no/faq/#REGISTRATION

#REGISTRATION in the APP does not work?

To authenticate the user in the APP, you must use an email that you have access to on your mobile phone. We use standard Google authentication and when you click on the link in the email, it will automatically verify and open the APP. The link can therefore not be accessed from a computer.


The app’s subscription is managed by Apple Store or Google Play, allows usage across multiple devices linked to the same account. If you get a new phone, restoring the subscription is simple if your account has an active subscription. You handle this directly on the app’s subscription page. Manage your subscription within your Apple Store or Google Play account to check its status or cancel it. Common issues with purchases include missing payment methods or access permissions on the device, which you can adjust in settings. If problems persist, try reinstalling the app. Unfortunately, due to the variety of devices and updates, we cannot offer support for subscription errors, but we monitor and address reported issues promptly. For more details >>

How do I #ENTER a competition?

First you have to register to the competition. Open the Air Sports Live Tracking APP and go in to the global map. Here you will find the competition. Select Manage crew and enter your flight details, crew, speed, etc. Now you can select “Schedule flight” for the task you want to fly. You will automatically receive an Flight Order with maps, photos and flight info after a few minutes. Now just start tracking in the app in competition mode and you are ready to go. Watch this tutorial video on how to register for a contest >>


Please note that for iPhone users, the master time is displayed in the app as ‘Local Time’. For Android users, you must use either Atomic or GPS time as master time. For example, Android users can synchronize their clocks with Time.is

unknown departure? – select #ADAPTIVE start

If adaptive start is selected, you can cross the “Start Gate” at any time between one hour before and one hour after the selected starting point time. (Crossing the starting line before or after this, may result in no tracking.) The scoring and timing will start when you cross the Start Gate, and will be scored/measured from the nearest whole minute according to the master time. From here you will be measured with stopwatch based on your scheduled flight time. This makes adaptive start easy to use when you do not know the time of departure. Just go flying when it suits you. Just remember to use a master clock for passing the start and stopwatch from the nearest full minute of crossing the start. With adaptive start, the map automatically comes with minute marks accumulated from the start gate.

My track/aircraft #DISAPPEARS from the map when I fly

The most common error are that some mobile phones will stop the battery access to all applications when they are in the background mode and not active. You must then go into settings and make sure that the Air Sports Live Tracking app has access to battery also in background mode. In addition, you must make sure that the app has access to your location at all times. Known error for; #Huawei #OnePlus

My aircraft stops and #FREEZES position in a competition

If your aircraft stops and freezes position in a competition, it is most likely that you are outside of your tracker time. All participants are given a tracker time from the given start time, which is adapted to your scheduled flight time. If you fly outside of this time frame, tracking will stop or not work.


Your tracks can be found at the top right of the app. Export the desired LAP to your computer and change the file name from TXT to GPX. (AirSports-20-08-2022,11-07-38.gpx) This allows you to open the file in Google Earth.


If needed, you can recalculate a track from a participant. If the participant has not been registered correctly, with the wrong time, or at the wrong task, you can do a recalculate. (Tutorial>>)
1. Delete the participant that is incorrect (if wrong task/user)
2. Enter the correct participant with the correct time, wind, speed, etc. according to the flight order.
3. Select team “Actions” and “Recalculate original”
This will play the tracking again for this team and recalculate the score based on the new changes.

I want to #MAKE my own COMPETITIPON/contests

To create your own competition or tasks, you must have competition access. You can get this by sending us an email to Team Air Sports Live Tracking. Say briefly about yourself and we will give you access. support (at) airsports.no

Can I add my own #MAPS for navigation

We can support custom maps in a georeferenced raster format, such as geotiff. Each map set requires some manual processing, so supporting additional maps can be a bit time-consuming. However, it is important that the licence of the custom maps allows for distribution via airsports.no. If the map license allows it, we can make the maps available. All legal responsibility is on the user, Air Sports Live Tracking take no responsibility for the user checking that there are no restrictions on use.

What kind of #COMPETITIONS are supported by Air Sports Live Tracking

We support:
● Precision Flying
● Air Navigation Race ANR
● Air Sports Race
● Danger Zone Race
● Pilot Poker Run
● Landing Competition

The Air Sports Race is a variant of ANR, where we also include time control gates inside the corridor. In addition, the corridor can also vary during the competition and the organizer may enter different penalty areas before, after and/or inside the corridor. Read more about competition tasks


When opening a page and it reports “Not found”. This can either be because you have entered the address of a non-existent contest, or the contest is not public. Please recheck your URL and/or verify that the contest is publicly available. It is the competition administrator who can provide access to a competition.

Flight Order – map explanation (#FLIGHTORDER)

The competition manager selects the type of map to be used during the competition. This also depends on which maps are available. Read more about using your own maps!

Scheduled time for takeoff. (Not adaptive). The flightorder tells you when to take off and at what time to cross the “start gate”. Remember to synchronize with the master time. Between take off and the start gate you can more or less fly as you want, but remember to be there in time and do not cross “extended start line” before crossing the start gate. The Flight Order can be downloaded or sent by e-mail.

The example is the Air Sports Race which is an ANR with time controls.